About Our Practice

The Ethos of Our Practice

“In my practice, I work to give a different sort of medical care than most doctors are forced to provide these days. I don’t believe in 10 or 15 minute appointments. I want to know my patients, to understand their circumstances, to know why they have the problems they have and to solve the actual causes of those issues. This takes time and this takes effort.

In this office, most appointments are a half hour.

Patients with ongoing conditions are seen regularly.

Lab reports are interpreted according to the patients’ circumstances.

Prescription medicines are chosen according to patients’ individual needs, not according to what is cheapest that month.

Changes in plan are made face to face, not over the phone.

I do my own pelvic ultrasound scanning, rather than replying on a report from a doctor I may never have met.

Practicing medicine this way is time-consuming and requires attention to detail, but gives better results and more satisfied patients.”

~ Dr. Robert S Howe

Robert Howe, MD

281 Maple St.
East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Tel: (413) 525-5160
Fax: (413) 525-5170

Mon-Fri: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am – 12:00pm

About Us

– Convenient Location
– Off-Street Parking
– Saturday Appointments
– Wheelchair Accesible
– On-Site Lab
– On-Site Ultrasound
– Medicare Accepted

Hyperion Selene-Touch
& Vaginal Phototherapy

We are pleased to announce that we now offer Hyperion Selene-Touch and Vaginal Phototherapy procedures. We are the only practice in Western Massachusetts to offer these services!

Since 1997 Dr Howe has affiliated with IVF New England, the premiere program for assisted reproduction and egg banking in our region. This assures you of extraordinary care and superior clinical results in your journey to parenthood. Read more…